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Sinclair QL Commercial Software Preservation Project

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RWAP Software has a long association with the Sinclair QL, with our first involvement being testing and reviewing software for various magazines in 1986/7. As a result we have amassed a large collection of Sinclair QL software, and decided in 2007, with the launch of the Sinclair QL Wiki to commence a program of collecting further titles, reading the information from old microdrive cartridges and disks, so that they could be stored on the PC and working copies made of the software.

In order to secure legal access to that software for all QL users into the future, we made a concerted effort to contact the copyright holders; and by 2018, had secured the release of over 129 commercial software titles as freeware or public domain; and these have been uploaded to the Sinclair QL Homepage; as well as making a further 29 QL Software titles available once again on a commercial basis, with some updates to the software and royalties being paid to the copyright holders once again.

The current list of all Sinclair QL titles, showing whether we have them in our collection and their current known copyright status can be viewed on the QL Software Preservation Spreadsheet

Thanks go to the following copyright holders for their assistance with the preservation project:
- Talent+
- Nick Ward
- Tesseract Software
- Impact Entertainments
- Jochen Merz Software
- Ark Distribution
- Athene Consultants
- Digital Precision Limited
- Arrakis
- Tasman Software
- Labochrome
- Pyramide
- Prospero
- Ekotek
- Gigasoft
- SD Microsystems
- Chris Boutal (Deltadrive)
- Liberation Software
- Byteback
- Grange Technology Limited
- Peakcrown
- Westway
- Andy Pritchard

Should any other copyright holders be willing to have their software made available once again, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we can hopefully assist with providing working copies of the software for re-release. We also would recommend that you check the information provided on the Sinclair QL Wiki to ensure that it is accurate and contains full information about the history of the QL, its software and hardware.