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The Sinclair QL was originally launched as a business computer and various programs have been released over the years to exploit this market. As software companies have withdrawn from the market, RWAP Services have obtained the rights to bring the best of these programs up to date and ensure that they continue to be supported for generations to come.

We offer everything the small business needs to get started - a full blown accounts program, together with a payroll program and a database.  All three programs allow you to print off detailed reports and to keep track of how your business is being run.  We can even supply a huge English dictionary to ensure that your correspondence is not full of mistakes.

We sometimes get people asking after QDOS Accounts by TIS Software Ltd (mainly a solicitors package) which was an early accounts system which ran on a Twinhead 590 PC under the QDOS operating system.  The Sinclair QL also ran an operating system named QDOS - both operating systems date from 1982.  Now although, we do not support the IBM version of QDOS Accounts, we can arrange for data to be transferred from your hard drive to a CSV file which can then be accessed from within more modern packages.  Please contact us for further details if you need to access data from QDOS Accounts.


Cash Trader Accounts Program

QL Cash Trader (full-blown business accounts)

This is a full blown accounts package for the small to medium sized business, and has been sold under various names (including Trading Accounts).

QL Cash Trader allows you to keep track of your accounts, prepare trial balances and final accounts, all handled semi-automatically. No need to work this all out on paper anymore! It includes an easy-to-enter accounting routine with instant Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss a/c, VAT report, VAT return and trial balance.

This version includes the Analyser module which enables you to analyse accounts for management and auditing purposes (analyse all ledgers by date or by expense type). This can also be used to provide daily summaries and bank reconciliations.

This is the program formerly sold by PDQL, Quest and Digital Precision for £125.

Released as public domain in 2016 to mark the 30th Anniversary of RWAP Software, this version of QL Cash Trader (and the sources) can be downloaded from the Sinclair QL Homepage (subject to the proviso that no-one can make a profit from these sources).

Payroll Program

QL Payroll (payroll package for small businesses)

A simple to use payroll program for up to 99 employees. This allows you to calculate NIC and Tax automatically - simply enter the details of your business and each employee as they join your business. Change the tax details each tax year and then enter details of hours worked per week or per month to run off the payroll. The program will also generate P35, P40 and P60 forms as well as running totals of all NIC and Tax deducted.

Released as public domain in 2016 to mark the 30th Anniversary of RWAP Software, this version of QL Payroll (and the sources) can be downloaded from the Sinclair QL Homepage (subject to the proviso that no-one can make a profit from these sources).


Flashback Database Program

Flashback SE (Fast And Powerful Database Program) 128K
Full version is still available from Sector Software.

This is a very fast and flexible database program which can easily be programmed from SuperBASIC and allows detailed reports to be prepared. It is compact and unlike some other packages does not expect you to use the Pointer Environment or Prowess (although will work happily alongside these). You can even use Flashback to create Help files which can be used in a similar way to HyperHelp - simply point at one of the highlighted words and press to move to information on that word.

The original program is no longer available. RWAP Services supply an Upgrade from the original which fixes several bugs, allows it to work on SMSQ/E and systems with large memories. It also includes several improvements, including the ability to pass the name of a database to be loaded when the program starts up, the ability to use the whole of any size screen and also you can toggle whether a database is to be read only or not. The program also incorporates a fully functioning View Menu and allows you to view two records from the same database at the same time.


Prices PWord (Large Dictionary)

This is an exceptionally large English dictionary for use with QTyp or any other program which needs a dictionary, compiled by Paul Merdinian (who prepared the Mega Dictionary for Digital Precision's Spellchecker) and containing over 564,000 words.  The dictionary file itself is supplied in two formats, on a single HD disk or on CD.

The HD disk version contains just the compressed QTyp dictionary, which is just over 1Mb in size and will therefore require a minimum of a Super Gold Card to run.

The CD version contains both the compressed QTyp dictionary as above, plus an ASCII version which can be used in the Solvit-Plus program from Just Words.  The ASCII version is nearly 6Mb in size and can therefore only be used with QPC, or on the Q40/Q60.  We also hope to add variants of this dictionary for use with other spell-checkers in due course - details of how to do this would be appreciated.