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Table top war games have always been popular, whereby troop units are represented by various symbols and they are set out on the table and given certain objectives. Top quality 3d graphics are not required, as these are games of skill and tactics, with each unit's movement and attack/defensive capabilities pre-determined. Terrain also comes into play, as does the need for long-term strategies, and Games Workshop have built a world-wide business on the back of such games (although they have now evolved from the traditional wargames into dungeons and dragons battles). A computer is ideally placed to allow such games to be played, as it can ensure that rules are strictly adhered to and overcome the need for copious notes of each units strengths and weaknesses.

RWAP Software are pleased to be able to provide two such table top wargames, one of which was designed by Games Workshop, together with a more traditional computer simulation of a submarine battle.


D-DAY MKII Desktop Wargame

Buy D-Day MKII for the Sinclair QL on 3.5" disk

D-DAY MKII (The Allies take on the Axis troops)
Download Demo Version
Review: QL World Dec '89, QL Adventurers Forum 6, Quanta Mar'99

In 1944, Adolf Hitler was the master of Europe. But in the Spring of that year, the biggest seaborne invasion force the world had ever seen was assembled along the south coast of England. The longest day was about to dawn... D-DAY. This game is a superb graphical implementation of a wargame, designed by Games Workshop and based on the invasion of Europe by Allied forces. It has four scenarios - two based on the area around Caen, in Normandy, and two based in and around Arnhem.

Here, you can control either the Allies or the Germans as they fight to gain control of the bridges and forge ahead towards Arnheim. You have ships, bridgelayers and lorries to assist your advance, with the overall object for the Allies to get to the bridges and hold them against the German onslaught. The other player can be a human or the computer (you can even play by mail against someone else).

With 4 scenarios to play, a large scrolling map display, 200K of computer intelligence (v3.00+ includes much enhanced computer intelligence), the ability to 'hide' units from the enemy inside buildings or under tree cover, plus a choice of playing with between 10 and 50 units each side (and even set up the initial state of your own games), this is one program which will keep you entertained for weeks.

Not currently compatible with SMSQ/E.


Type 22 Frigate Simulation

Buy Type 22 for the Sinclair QL on 3.5" disk

Type 22

Type 22 is an accurate real-time simulation of a Royal Navy type 22 frigate at war.

The object of the program is to stay afloat for as long as possible with the various tools at your disposal, including a Lynx helicopter, chaff, and missiles. You will need to identify and shoot down enemy aircraft and sink enemy shipping (including submarines). There can be up to 20 different targets for you to engage with at any time!

Not compatible with SMSQ/E.


War In the East MKII Desktop Wargame

Buy War in the East MKII for the Sinclair QL on 3.5" disk

War In the East MKII (The War on the Russian Front)
Review: QL Adventurers Forum 6

This is a huge implementation of a desktop wargame on the QL, which places you in charge of the Axis armies in World War II as they try to take Russia and hold it through the Russian Winter against the on-slaught of the Russian forces. Can the well-trained Axis armies defeat the badly organised, but much larger Russian Armies? The Axis have to deal with changing morale of their troops as time marches on and the Winter sets in (without much winter supplies) as well as the Technological advances made by the Russians who are defending their Motherland.

There are three scenarios to play (if you wish, you can continue one after the other so the success of the next scenario depends upon your long-term planning), and the Russians can either be controlled by the computer or a human player. You can even play against another human through the mail.

Much faster and more intelligent than the original, this war game will keep you occupied for many long winter evenings, even on the Russian steppes.

NOTE: The Review mentioned above is of the original version.

Not currently compatible with SMSQ/E

Grey Wolf Submarine Simulator

Buy Grey Wolf for the Sinclair QL on 3.5" disk

Grey Wolf (Graphical Submarine Adventure)
Review: QL World Dec '90, QL Adventurers Forum 8, QL Leisure Review 1

This is one of the QL classics - a submarine simulation with excellent graphics. You are in control of a German U-Boat patrolling the Atlantic and must try to find the British ships in order to destroy them. You can switch between looking at the controls, to looking through the periscope or the maps (which indicate the position of the nearest ship).

You have to contend with attacks by planes and destroyers, as well as thinking about all of the other things when controlling a submarine - for example when you dive, are all of the ballast tanks full, hatches and torpedo doors closed, and the periscope down before you are too deep?? A training mode is provided to allow you to get used to the various controls.

Can you survive the battle ??