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Not everyone spends hours sitting at a computer performing serious tasks - we all like to relax with a game or something a bit lighter every now and then.

RWAP Software caters for these needs, providing a wide range of leisure software, from finding out about the cosmos to fighting in World War II, we are certain that there will be something to your taste.

This section of software deals with the semi-serious programs which are based upon science and allow you to do various creative tasks upon the Sinclair QL.

If you are looking for leisure software for the PC, we would highly recommend QWord.


Image 3D

Image D (3D Perspectives Program)

A simple to use program which allows you to produce graphical representations of three-dimensional objects and to view them in a variety of ways, including wireframe, hidden line and shaded. Perspective and magnification can be controlled and there is the option of producing simultaneous front, plan and side views. Views produced on screen can be saved to a file for subsequent printing. Multiple objects can be defined and individually positioned relative to each other to produce complex scenes. Defined objects can be edited and saved separately or together as data files. Objects are defined as a series of two-dimensional cross-section shapes.


Cosmos - Astronomy Program

QL Cosmos (Astronomy Program)
Sinclair User, Dec 1985, Quanta Jun 00, QL Today Vol 5 Iss 2

A simple to use Astronomy program. QL Cosmos displays a picture of the stars, planets and comets in the sky at any given time of day on any given date. Simply enter the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of your location (sample locations provided) and the time and date required. See the stars plotted on screen and even Hayley's comet!! 

Once the map has been plotted, you can take an even closer look at the moon and planets.  Call up Direct Select, choose one of the options, and a data sheet will appear, giving the planet's location, size and distance from earth, together with a diagram of what it would like to the naked eye (or through a telescope).  The rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter and the phases of the moon are all correctly shown for the time and date you have specified.

By positioning the cursor over an object, you can call up detailed information about that star or planet.

An enormous amount of data has been packed into Cosmos and this is accessed fast and easily.  If you have ever wondered. "What is that bright star up there?", then Cosmos is a MUST.


"Cosmos is one of the best astronomical packages on the market.  The mass of information, simplicity of use and graphics make it ideal for professional and amateur astronomers."

Sinclair User December 1985 (Five star rating).



Mandelbrot and Julia Generator

Quick Mandelbrot III (Mandelbrot/Julia Generator)
Review: QL Word June '91 International QL Report Mar/Apr '94, QL Leisure Review 2, QReview Vol 1 Iss 4

Mandelbrots are graphical images which are created from mathematical formulae allowing the image to be magnified an infinite number of times, with parts of the image repeating themselves over and over again.

Quick Mandelbrot III allows you to explore both the whole Mandelbrot and Julia sets, and is one of the quickest implementations of such programs on the QL, making use of the latest technology where this is available. You have many different options for exploring the images created, including zooming into the image, changing the way in which the pictures are coloured, as well as sending the output to a printer or file. You can alter calculation times, by setting the level of accuracy and there are lots of other features.

Released as freeware in 2016 to mark the 30th Anniversary of RWAP Software, Quick Mandelbrot III can be downloaded from the Sinclair QL Homepage.


3D Mapping Program

3D Terrain (3D Contour Program) 196K
Review: QL World Oct '92

If you have ever wanted to create graphical displays of data, or create a contour map of an area, then this is the program for you.

3D Terrain takes data which has been created in an Abacus spreadsheet and converts it into a 3D graphical representation. Although it can be used for most types of data, it is ideal for contour mapping of areas (an example is provided which draws a Terrain chart of Nidderdale in Yorkshire - full details of how the contour map was created are included).

Making the most of the QL's graphics abilities and various utilities, you can send the final output to your printer using the printer driver you already use for Psion's Easel (or use the one supplied to save the output to a file to import into any other graphics program).

You can alter the various axes and scales, using the easy to understand menus provided.

Released as freeware in 2016 to mark the 30th Anniversary of RWAP Software, this version of 3D Terrain can be downloaded from the Sinclair QL Homepage.


ST to QL Screen Converter

SToQL (Convert ST screens to Standard QL Screens)

Do you have a Desktop Publishing Program, but need access to the wealth of Clip Art which is available for other computers?? Do you have an ST and want to be able to use its graphics packages to create interesting displays?? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then this program could be of use.

If you have access to an ST computer or the myriad of Public Domain Clip Art collections available for the ST, SToQL allows you to convert them across to the QL (this has already been used to convert a large amount of the Clip Art which is now available in QL Public Domain libraries).

You can convert .NEO, PI1, PI2 and PI3 format files from the ST. However you will need another program to convert the ST disks to QL format (unless you have SMSQ/E or the ATRDEV device linked in). There are several PD utilities which can be used to convert ST disks.

The program also allows you to manipulate the completed picture, compressing or expanding it as necessary, change the colours, fill areas of the picture with another colour or move sections of the picture across the screen plus lots more.

Released as freeware in 2016 to mark the 30th Anniversary of RWAP Software, SToQL (and the sources) can be downloaded from the Sinclair QL Homepage.

The latest sources are also available on GitHub.