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With the ever increasing range of printers available upon the market, providing better quality output, it is essential that you use the latest printer drivers on your system to ensure you make the most of your printer's capabilities.  We sometimes carry a range of printers, and can often obtain the Epson 850 Colour Stylus inkjet printer - please see our second hand items for details.

Many printers are designed purely for use with Microsoft Windows operating systems and cannot easily be used with the QL and as a result, for Sinclair QL users, this invariably means using an Epson printer supporting full ESC/P2 codes (which allow you to send text to the printer as if you were printing to the screen).

RWAP Services can provide up to date drivers to allow the ProWesS system and programs which utilise that system to support scaleable fonts, to use the latest Epson printers to the full, as well as programs to allow you to use the printers in landscape mode instead of portrait. As the range of printers available for use with the Sinclair QL changes, we aim to ensure that users are able to use the latest technology at a low cost.

ProForma Epson ESC/P2 Colour Drivers (Currently Supports up to 720dpi)

If you use ProWesS from Progs, you may have come across ProForma, the built in printer driver. This program allows you to output graphics pages to a wide range of standard printers from programs such as LineDesign and Paragraph.

These colour drivers are now available to get the best out of an Epson inkjet printer (or any other printer which supports ESC/P2 control codes). As well as providing high-speed output in both monochrome and full colour mode, you can choose to print using 180dpi, 360dpi or 720dpi.

It was always intended to enhance these drivers to include 1440dpi colour printing - however, we never managed to get this working.

New drivers are included to provide standard colour, colour replacement (for use with LineDesign) and black and white printing. Although based on earlier versions of these drivers from Progs, this version does not attempt to print out blank lines and also encompasses TIFF binary compression to produce high speed printing.

Released as public domain in 2016 to mark the 30th Anniversary of RWAP Software, ProForma Epson ESC/P2 Colour Drivers (and the sources) can be downloaded from the Sinclair QL Homepage.  The latest sources are also available on GitHub

Esc/P2 Drivers

Sidewriter (Print Text Sideways)

This is an excellent small utility program which allows you to easily print out text files or spreadsheets created with Abacus or with Qspread sideways on a printer, thus making it easy to print anything which is wider than 80 letters. A wide range of fonts are supported, and the program works with all Epson compatible 9-pin and 24-pin printers, Epson ESC/P2 printers, plus inkjets which include an Epson compatible mode.

Simply create a spreadsheet with Abacus and use the export to Quill function. Then run Sidewriter, select a few options and print out the file as required, adding lines between columns as necessary. The same effect can be achieved by printing out a spreadsheet created with Qspread as an ascii file.

The program can be run with or without the pointer environment, making it easy to install and use by anyone.

Sidewriter forms a very useful complement to 3D Terrain and QL Genealogist.

Released as freeware in 2016 to mark the 30th Anniversary of RWAP Software, QL Sidewriter (and the sources) can be downloaded from the Sinclair QL Homepage


Sideways Printout