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As people spend more and more time travelling, whether it be for work or pleasure, it is becoming increasingly important to plan your route beforehand, avoiding the worst road bottlenecks and ensuring that you use the most fuel efficient or fastest route. RWAP Services first released Q-Route in 1998 to assist with route planning, allowing you to find the quickest or shortest route between any two places in mainland Britain.  We have since extended the repertoire of maps to include Belgium, Ireland and even Catalonia.

This is still one of the best selling programs for the Sinclair QL in recent years.

Q-Route 896K (HD Disk only) Download Demo Version
Review: QL Today Vol 2, Iss 6, Quanta Mar'98

This program is for the Sinclair QL and allows you to find the best route between two places, using the map of Britain supplied. You can find the shortest or quickest route and display it graphically on screen or as a list of the roads which you need to take. The map can be easily updated and is in the same format as used on an Atari ST version of this program (Route Finder by Brian Henderson) and should therefore be updated fairly regularly. The on-screen map is generated from the database of roads, which avoids some of the common problems with other Route Finder software, where the map may show you a different route to the printed directions.

You can enter your own preferences for speeds on the various road types and even ask the program to find a route which avoids certain roads or places. The final output can be printed directly from the program (or by through another package if you wish) and the program supports Text87, Perfection, Xchange and Quill printer drivers, so there is little setting up to be done.

If you are interested in maps, then you might also want to consider 3D Terrain, which allows you to create 3-dimensional images of data, for example to create a contour map of a specific area.


Q-Route Route Finder

We have also released the following Maps for Use with Q-Route & Route-Finder (the Atari ST version):

Britain Map v1.11 (19/9/00) Download Now
BIG Britain Map v2.03 (1/5/01)
Scotland Area Map v1.00 (19/9/00)
North East England Area Map v1.00 (19/9/00)
North West England Area Map v1.00 (19/9/00)
South & West Yorkshire Area Map v1.05 (19/9/00)
Wales & Derbyshire Area Map v1.00 (19/9/00)
London Area Map v1.00 (19/9/00)
South Britain Area Map v1.01 (19/9/00)
Ireland Map v1.00 (1/12/98)
Belgium Map v1.02 (17/4/02)
Catalonia Map v1.04 (17/4/02)

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