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RWAP Software is a division of RWAP Services, run by Rich Mellor, who has been involved with computers since acquiring a Sinclair ZX81 in 1982 (the first mass home computer designed by Sir Clive Sinclair).  An adept programmer, with the ability to program in BASIC, machine code, C, HTML, Perl, MS-Access, SQL, and Ladder (PLC-5 and SLC-500), Rich Mellor has achieved some recognition in connection with the Sinclair QL, as a computer journalist, author and commercial programmer/tester. This ability has been put to good use to develop innovative software for the Sinclair QL and for the internet, including perl guestbooks and visitor counters, all based around modular coding techniques.

RWAP Software started in November 1986, with writing a few reviews and guides to programming published in magazines such as Sinclair QL World, QL User, QL Adventurers Forum and QL Technical Review.  As part of that process, we began feeding back to the original authors a long list of bugs (and often bg-fixes) for their commercial software, and it was thanks to our relationship with CGH Services (publisher of QL Adventurers Forum), that we first obtained our own commercial recognition - being paid to re-write whole sections of the Sinclair QL wargame, D-Day in order to ensure that it worked properly and could actually be won.

Following discussions with the copyright holders (Games Workshop), D-Day continued to be developed, with some of the original planned features being implemented, as well as 68000 machine code pan and scroll routines being completely re-written to ensure high speed and responsiveness - a task which completely transformed the game, and included re-writing 1000s of lines of GO TOs and GO SUBs to create a proper modular approach to programming and resulted in the launch of our first commercial success, D-Day MKII in around 1989.

Unlike many other software testers, RWAP Software's broad base in programming skills allows us to identify the possible causes of program errors and where incompatibilities may be software or hardware based.  As an ex-solicitor, Rich Mellor's attention to detail is legendary and he is famed for producing in-depth, easy to understand, reports of programs which describe problems in detail and often contain suggested bug-fixes and improvements.

An example is when Rich Mellor joined Data Solutions as a technical author in 1998.  Within a week, he was sent to assist with producing documentation for the prestigious Heathrow Terminal 3 Transfer Baggage Facility.  Within two weeks, Rich  had gained sufficient insight into the PLC-5 ladder language to enable him to assist with commissioning the control software and to prepare in-depth reference tables for the MMI (SCADA) programmer.  Later, Rich was given the task of amending the software for Phase III of the project, carrying out all steps up to and including the Factory Acceptance Test, such that the software was installed and ready for commissioning after only one night on site.

Following his success on the Heathrow project, Rich was asked to look at some problematic SLC-500 code for controlling water treatment plants.  It was explained that on some specific dates, the software failed to carry out all of its intended functions, but two software engineers had been unable to identify the problem in the software.  Within one day of being allocated the project, Rich Mellor had identified the problem and its solution, providing a full report to the original software author which enabled him to implement the solution across several existing operational sites.

We have since put our knowledge of computers, business acumen and legal matters to set up Internet Business Angels, providing advice and services to budding internet entrepreneurs.

If you know of any commercial projects which would benefit from our depth of experience, please do contact us.

Delivery Terms

The majority of our items are posted on the following working day by first class post or airmail - if you require special delivery, please advise before ordering.  This provides a delivery time of approximately 48 working hours within the UK, except for larger items, which will be sent either Parcel Post or by courier - which results in a delivery time of approximately 7 days.

If you need something more quickly, then please contact us - we can arrange for items to be collected from various locations, including the address at the foot of our pages, an address in Stafford, or an address in Manchester, depending on stock availability.