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All RWAP Software products are produced in the UK and written or updated by Rich Mellor. 

We provide some software for the Windows environment, Sinclair QL programs and also custom software modules for use with the Enuuk PHP Auction platform.

Many of our programs for the Sinclair QL, are re-releases of software previously written by other companies, now updated to ensure that they work on the latest operating systems and with some improvements.  We have obtained their permission to release the updated versions, and still pay royalties on any software which we sell.  Unless otherwise stated, all programs require a minimum of 256K memory and are supplied on DD disk. Emulator users may prefer to specify software to be supplied on HD disk.  We can supply software on Sinclair Microdrive cartridge if required - please ask.

We have also re-released some of our software to run seamlessly on the Windows platform - the first programs to be converted are our Adventures and a demonstration version of QWord.

As part of the 30th Anniversary of the launch of the Sinclair QL (and the later 30th Anniversary of RWAP Software), we have released a series of Sinclair QL box-sets featuring a range of commercial adventures and games, all supplied on 3.5" disk in presentation boxes.

Since 1988, we have written all of our proprietary software is written in small modules which enable easy testing of the software at all stages of development.  This approach also allows us to speed up the process of program design by utilising ready-tested modules from other programs.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case where we are asked to update earlier versions of software, some of which we do not have the source code for.  As a result, we have become accustomed to understanding various other programming languages and methods of writing programs and are able to cope with programs written in C, machine code, BASIC, Perl, HTML, Ladder (PLC-5 and SLC-500) and MS-Access.

We are constantly looking out for new programs to release and update - if you know of any commercial projects which would benefit from our depth of experience, please do contact us.

We offer a selection of public domain software and are happy to assist copyright holders with re-releasing QL software as freeware.

A CD containing various public domain and demo versions of commercial emulators is now available; allowing PC, Macintosh and UNIX users to still enjoy the delights of the Sinclair QL.

For details of any of our software products, please select one of the categories shown above.