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We have the widest range of second hand software, hardware and books available anywhere for the Sinclair QL. Please see our lists below for the items currently available from our depot (although please check that they are still in stock before ordering)

From the late 1980s onwards, most of the software for the Sinclair QL was released on disk rather than Microdrive Cartridge to make use of the greater memory available and higher reliability of disk drives over microdrives.

We are pleased to offer a range of second hand software on the original disks for the Sinclair QL, although it unfortunately became less common for software to be provided with a printed manual.

This software has the added benefit that it can be used on both an original Sinclair QL (with disk drive - we can of course supply the necessary disk interface) and with most emulators (depending on compatibility).

Second Hand Sinclair QL Software for Sale (DSDD Disk Versions)

The following second hand software is available for the Sinclair QL provided on 3.5" disk.

3D Precision (Digital Precision) - 3D Drawing program £2
Address Book and Label Printer (Dilwyn Jones Computing) - Maintain an address book £3
Cueshell (Albin Hessler Software) - Desktop Management Program £4
DEV Manager
(Dilwyn Jones Computing) - Manage the various pseudo devices on your Sinclair QL £3

Ferret (Sector Software) Fast file finder (no manual) £3
Files II (Sector Software) - Manage your Files easily £2
(Sector Software) £4
The Gopher
(Dilwyn Jones Computing) - Fast and easy to use file search program (no manual) £3
(Digital Precision) - Print out graphics files and scale/rotate (eg. desktop publisher, pro publisher, Page Designer, Front Page output files) (manual on disk) £3
Hardback and Finder
(PDQL) - Program to manage hard disk backups and find files fast (no manual) £2
Inkwell Deluxe, Cuewell (Rob-Roy Software) - Font and print utility £2
Lonely Joker (Jochen Merz Software) - Compelling card game £2
Mathematical Toolkit (Chalmers University of Technology) - Toolkit for performing mathematical equations £5
Page Designer 2
(Sector Software) - complete - Desktop Publishing Program £4
Page Designer 3 (Dilwyn Jones Computing - Barry Ansell) - complete - Desktop Publishing Program £7
PUDGE (Damon Chaplin) - Addictive Arcade Game £2  
QL Speedscreen (Creative Codeworks) - Massively speed up the on-screen text printing routines on a standard QL (no manual) £3
QL Thesaurus (Just Words!) - Word Thesaurus tool £2
Q-Liberator Budget (Liberation Software) - Fast and easy to use SuperBASIC Compiler £5
QTOP (COWO Electronic) - Excellent desktop management program £3
(QJump) - Excellent and widely used dictionary program - check existing files or as you type (no manual) £3
QTYP 2 (QJump) - Excellent and widely used dictionary program - check existing files or as you type £4
Qualsoft File Transfer and Terminal
(TF Services) - v2.31 £5
Quick Posters (Dilwyn Jones Computing) - Create posters easily on an EPSON printer £2
Remind Me (J.J. Haftke) Diary Program (no manual) £2
S_EDIT (Dilwyn Jones Computing) - Fast easy to use editor (uses minimal memory) £2  
Sign Designer
- £2
Slowgold 2 (Dilwyn Jones Computing) - Slow down your programs when used with a (Super) Gold Card (no manual) £2
Solitaire (Estate Management Services - EMSoft) - Simple to use card game £2
Solvit Plus 2 (Just Words!) - Word puzzle solver, in pointer and non-pointer versions (2 disks) £3
Spellbound SE
(Sector Software) - Spellchecker £2
The SPY (Ark Software) - Fast easy to use editor (uses minimal memory) £3
Style Check (Just Words!) - Check your English (2 disks) £2
Super Disk Index
(Imre Dominik) - Create index of your disk collection (no manual) £2
Super Disk Labeller
(Dilwyn Jones Computing) - Create disk labels easily on an EPSON printer (no manual) £2
Text Tidy (PDQL) - Clean up DOS Quill, Wordstar and QL Quill files to plain text £2
Touch Typist
(Sector Software) - Practise your typing skills (no manual) £3
Vision Mixer Plus
(Dilwyn Jones Computing) - Create varied changing displays from bitmap pictures (no manual) £2

Post and Packing is extra - please check before ordering