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February 2018: We have now launched a new version of our Green Amiga A600 keyboard membrane, which now replaces both of the original Mitsumi Green keyboard membranes (56C47A and 56C471B). This means that we now supply replacement keyboard membranes for the A500 (also suit the A500+ and A4000), A600 (both blue and green Mitsumi versions) and the A1200. See our Amiga Keyboard Membranes on for more details of our range.

January 2018: We continue to work towards a release of the Retro-Printer Module with a completely re-written software interface in order to make it easier to adapt the software to handle a wider range of printer codes and output options. We have also now got initial designs for a case to house both the Retro-Printer module and the Raspberry Pi.

September 2017: The QL Wiki has been redesigned to use DocuWiki and has now found a new home.  Why not contribute to this community project to make it the go to site for information about the Sinclair QL?

November 2016: This marks the 30th Anniversary of the launch of RWAP Software (officially started in business on 1st November 1986).  As part of this, we have released the SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual as a community edition online.

We have also obtained the consent of various co-authors to release some of our commercial software as freeware and making it available to download for free from the Sinclair QL Homepage.

July 2016: Release of more Sinclair QL Games box-sets, including some long-lost titles, such as QLacman, Squadrons, Dennis the Dwarf at the Funfear (adventure by Mert) and even a brand new text and graphics adventure for 2016 - Spy - A QL Adventure

We also released a much improved version of the ever popular Sinclair ZX Spectrum +48 Keyboard Membrane (also suits the ZX Spectrum+128) which is based on the Samsung version of the keyboard, giving a much more responsive feel.

July 2015: Launch of our new website for the Retro-Printer - a hardware solution to allow you to connect modern USB printers to retro computers and equipment (or even DOS based programs) which simply send Epson ESC/P2 control codes and plain text to a centronics port (rather than relying on Windows printer drivers).

June 2015: More Spectrum Keyboard Membranes received from our factory in Scotland - the factory have also made a slight change to the holes for the two locating pins to handle issues on some ZX Spectrum+ cases.

December 2014: Apologies for the lack of news on here which has been down to a very busy couple of years for us here at RWAP Software.

There have been several new product launches aimed at the retro computing and vintage gaming market, supporting a wide range of machines.

We launched our own dedicated retro computer and vintage electronics auction website - which has continued to go from strength to strength and continues to attract a wide range of vintage computer enthusiasts both as sellers and buyers, particularly thanks to its no listing fee policy and only a 2.5% final value fee (at last count we attract over 1m page views a month and around 70% of our sales are now conducted through sellmyretro).

We also launched (as promised) the following new products:

- Amiga A500/A500+ Home Computer Keyboard Membranes
- Amiga A600  Home Computer Keyboard Membranes (Blue and Green type)
- Amstrad CPC664 Home Computer Keyboard Membranes
- Replacement Faceplates for the Rubber Key Sinclair ZX Spectrum Home Computer
- Replacement Faceplates for the Sinclair ZX Microdrive unit
- Replacement overlays for the Vectrex Controller
- 7 Box-Set Collections of Adventures and Games for the Sinclair QL Home Computer (a total of 39 different games and adventures, including many which have not been avaialable since the 1980s).

Some of these projects have taken a lot of skill and project management to bring to market - for example, the replacement Amiga A500/A500+ Home Computer Keyboard Membranes have been entirely redesigned to merge two different keyboard layouts (the 62 and 64 key versions of the Mitsumi keyboard)

We have also spent a lot of time and resources tracking down and working with various copyright holders to preserve and re-release a wealth of software for the Sinclair QL, with much of it being released as freeware (and added to the Sinclair QL Homepage), or added on a commercial basis to the box-set collections above.

As part of this, we have also now converted the SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual to HTML and it has been published online for free access - although it is now a community project for updating and improving the layout.
December 2012: We have now got some new replacement Keyboard Membranes on order (expected mid December) for the Amstrad CPC664 Home Computer - this is one computer where the keyboard has been repaired in a Heath Robinson manner on many computers to keep them working, so the news of replacement keyboard membranes will be welcomed by many users.

We are also in discussions with a new supplier for replacement faceplates for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum - we are waiting on a sample, as this will use a new adhesive layer for the top of the faceplate.

December has also seen the release of Spectranet - the ethernet adaptor which allows you to connect a Sinclair ZX Spectrum Home Computer to other computers over the ethernet or even the internet, making multi-player games possible (such as Spectank), or use your PC as a server to store all of your Spectrum back catalogue and download games directly from there.  

October 2011:
Sees more ZX Spectrum DivIDE Plus units back in stock, plus the launch of the ZXvid composite video television output module for the Sinclair ZX81 home computer which provides not only a steady composite video out signal for the ZX81, but also fixes the dark screen caused by the missing back porch latch on some early versions of the ZX81 ULA.

August 2011: This saw the launch of the ZXpand-AY Sound Module for the Sinclair ZX81, which plugs into the Sinclair ZXpand interface to provide full AY sound output, as well as a built in joystick port.  A flurry of activity on the ZX80/ZX81 forums also resulted in software which is able to play AY sound files converted from MIDI files, or those produced for use with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

June 2011:
This saw the official launch of the Sinclair ZX81 ZXpand Interface, as well as the Ser-USB interface for the Sinclair QL, which we have supported by arranging for new SuperHermes and Hermes chips to be made available once again.  We have also been able to re-release QL Vroom and Mortville Manor, both originally sold by Pyramide.

March 2011: March marked the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair ZX81 home computer, which was really the start of the home computing revolution.  We marked this by unveiling the manual for the soon to be launched ZXPand interface for the Sinclair ZX81, which will allow immediate loading from and saving to .p files stored on an SD memory card, as well as adding 32K of configurable memory and other goodies.

We also launched the Sinclair ZX80 / ZX81 Computer Forums which has resulted in a mass of new software and hardware projects

February 2011: This was a slightly quieter month for the retro computing scene, so we took the opportunity to make further updates to the QL Wiki and list plenty more items.  However, more projects were launched in the background....

January 2011: In order to try and revitalise the Cambridge Z88 scene, we have now launched a dedicated Cambridge Z88 Home Computer Forum.
We also managed to revive an extremely rare Sinclair QL - an early AH EPROM based version, complete with the Dongle on the back which contains part of the operating system.  The machine is fully operational and is one of the last handful remaining (we only know of one other) from the batch which was issued around the QL's launch day, only to be recalled soon afterwards, as they did not work!

December 2010: With the changes in the world markets, we were able to source a new keyboard membrane manufacturer in the UK (actually based in Scotland, which many people will remember is long-linked with the Timex factory where Sinclair machines were made).  This manufacturer has enabled us to produce a wider range of keyboard membranes, so that our product range now covers the following computers:
- Sinclair ZX80 Keyboard overlay
- Sinclair ZX81 Keyboard Membrane
- Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Rubber Key) Keyboard Membrane
- Sinclair ZX Spectrum +48 / +128 Keyboard Membrane
- Sam Coupé Keyboard Membrane
- Cambridge Z88 Keyboard Membrane
- Enterprise 64/128 Keyboard Membrane

These can all be ordered at low cost from

November 2010: This saw the launch of the Sinclair QL Forums which are already proving to be popular.

January 2010-July 2010: Whilst a quieter period in some ways, allowing us to continue developing the software behind and other auction sites, this saw the launch of several new software titles for the Sinclair ZX80 and the ZX81 home computers.

November 2009: The DivIDE Plus interfaces for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum are now starting to come through in earnest.  We are expecting a further batch of 29 to arrive on Friday 27th November and will be using these to launch our new website dedicated to retro computers and electronics -
June 2009:
We can now offer the AY-Magic interfaces by Zaxon for sale - this plugs into the expansion port on the ZX Spectrum 48K (rubber key or +48K models) and allows you to play the AY music files produced for programs running on the Spectrum 128K version. Demonstration programs which include AY output appear on: The Project AY Pages contain details of which ZX Spectrum programs included AY music on the cassette.

April 2009: We have now ordered replacement faceplates for the rubber keyed Sinclair ZX Spectrum - these should be on sale in May.  Also keep your eye out for a new place to buy your retro computer items - - this is a new site which will bring traders and enthusiasts together and let you discover all of the resources for your retro computer or game console.

January 2009: We have taken over the stock from Tony Firshman (TF Services) and can now offer a wide range of spares for the Sinclair QL, from ZX8301 and ZX8302 ULAs, 8049 and 8177 chips and processors, through to replacement tops for the Sinclair QL.

June 08: We have now obtained some more RAM Expansion cards for the Cambridge Z88 portable computer and have special offers on our Cambridge Z88 page.  Supplies are limited.  We are also offering 2 x brand new Cambridge Z88 32K EPROM Cartridges for £10, with a price reduction on the Z88 EPROM eraser.

June 08: We now host two different discussion forums:

  • RWAP Software Forum, which is for discussion of our projects and what people would like to see and help to shape our future direction
  • Sinclair ZX80 and ZX81 computers Forum, which includes emulators and Timex-Sinclair Clones.  This has already proved very popular with plenty of discussion and hardware project details.

May 08: Following production issues with the DivIDE Plus hard disk interface for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, we have now brought production over to the UK (with the original designers sourcing and providing the kit parts). This should speed up production and we have now received 20 kits to start with.  Another 25 are on order, and we are investigating the possibility of ordering another 100 units to ensure that supplies continue.

May 08: We are now offering a repair service for Sinclair computers (ZX81, ZX Spectrum and Sinclair QL), as well as Commodore 64 and Plus 4, Amiga, and Atari machines, as well as games consoles.  Contact us for details.  New this month is a range of 6 second hand printers - must go by 31st July 2008, include: Epson Stylus Colour 850 inkjet printer, HP Deskjet 720c Colour inkjet printer, HP Laserjet 4 Laser Printer, Tecktronix Phaser 850DP Solid Ink Printer and an OKI C9500 A3 colour Laser printer with duplexing unit.  From £55 each, you can't go wrong - get a bargain today.

Jan 08: Our new year sale. New this month is the Genealogy Research System by Chris Boutal (Deltadrive Limited) - this is a complete reworked approach to undertaking genealogy research and builds on his previous programs: QL Genealogist and Genealogy for Windows, with lots of extra features.

Apr 07: Released a new Retro Joystick for use with a wide range of retro computers (with suitable interface).  Similar in looks to the Kempston Competition Pro Joystick, this is Kempston compatible and plugs into the 9 pin DIN socket provided on many joystick interfaces (or computers). Suitable for use with: Sinclair QL, Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore C64, Vic-20, SX64, C128, Amiga computers, Atari Computers, Amstrad / Schneider CPC and MSX Systems.

Apr 07: New ZX Spectrum Rubber Keyboard Membranes now back in stock - these have been manufactured in 2007 and are even better quality than previously.

Mar 07: New ZX Spectrum+ and ZX Spectrum 128K keyboard Membranes now back in stock - these have been manufactured in 2007.  We have also now launched a QL Wiki to promote the Sinclair QL and provide some much needed information on the QL's hardware and software from the past and present.  Please contribute to this if you feel able.

Nov 06: Page relating to the divIDE hard disk interface for the ZX Spectrum updated to provide details of latest design enhancements and to allow pre-ordering.

Pages added on the ICL One Per Desk computer, including exciting news concerning a disk interface for this class retro computer.

Sep 06: In case Sinclair QL owners think we have been slacking, we have released v2.05 of Nemesis MKII (the original Talent adventure) - this version has been recompiled with the latest Turbo in order to ensure better compatibility with QL emulators.

On the website front, we have revamped our Internet Business Angels site

Aug 06: ZX Spectrum owners will be interested in our new Storage Solutions page, which includes details of the current offers, including the new PlusD floppy disk drive interfaces, offers on disks, ZX Interface 1 and Microdrive sets and even news of current production of the divIDE hard disk drive interface.

The RWAP Software website has been updated to bring it more in line with our sister sites, RWAP Adventures, Internet Business Angels and RWAP Services.  We have now also moved it onto a faster dedicated server.

We have now obtained a lot more second hand items for the ZX81, ZX Spectrum and Sinclair QL - we are still updating our listings, but please browse our second hand sections for more information if you are looking for additional hardware, software or books whether for use or collecting purposes.  May 2006 has seen a lot of items added to the Sinclair QL page and even Second Hand items for the Sinclair ZX81

We have now obtained brand new Plus-D Disk Drive interfaces for the ZX Spectrum - this allow you to connect up to 2 floppy disk drives and a printer via its built in parallel interface.  Also provided is a snapshot button allowing you to capture running software on the Spectrum and save it to disk  for playing later - see the Plus-D Disk Interface

The SBASIC / SuperBASIC Reference Manual has now been re-released in Adobe Acrobat format on CD-ROM thanks to a special filter  which has allowed us to easily convert Text 87 files to Adobe Acrobat files This is release 4 and includes all details about using the Enhanced Colour Drivers on QPC/QXL and the Q40, and even how to access 16 or 256 colours on the Aurora Motherboard.  Updates for the original printed manuals are still available separately.

QWord has now been released to a tumultuous response - we hope that you like it.  Feedback is especially welcome and we are looking at releasing a full version for the PC.  In the meantime, the demo version now includes full sound

The ESC/P2 Drivers for ProWess have now been updated to v1.05 - this includes a minor bug fix which was preventing the pages being ejected properly on some printers.

We are also looking into the possibility of getting some replacement ZX80 / ZX81 keyboard membranes produced.

A load more books have been added to our ZX Spectrum, Sinclair QL, ZX80 and ZX81 second hand pages - check they are still available before ordering.  More software has also been added to these pages.

QL Payroll v3.9 QL Cash Trader v3.8 have now been recompiled with Turbo to ensure that they continue to work on the latest systems.

We have also now updated our site to include a Visitor Guestbook, which can be easily added to other websites. This also allows the owner of the guestbook to collate the email addresses of everyone who submits an entry to the guestbook for possible future mailshots.  The owner can also implement swearing filters on all content sent to the guestbook.

In conjunction with WN Richardson & Co and Rakewell Limited, we are now pleased to be able to supply a wide range of items for the Cambridge Z88 computer and also the Sinclair Spectrum. 

We have also added a list of our second hand items for sale, which include items for the QL, Z88 and Spectrum computers, as well as a wide range of other miscellaneous items..

For those looking for help when playing scrabble, we can offer PWords - an extremely large dictionary for QTYP compiled by Paul Meridinian.  This dictionary contains over 564,000 words and is the largest dictionary ever compiled for the Sinclair QL and is supplied complete with the latest version of Solvit Plus 2 by Geoff Wicks, to help you solve word games and crossword puzzles.  It is also supplied in plaint ASCII format (if you purchase the CD-ROM version) which may be imported into spellcheckers for other computers.

QL Cosmos has been updated to v2.05, to correct a bug which prevented direct selection of stars working.

We are now able to offer a special offer for people who own QL Genealogist and wish to upgrade to the latest PC Genealogy for Windows. Updates to the latest Genealogy for Windows version are also now available.  QL Genealogist v3.27 incorporates minor changes to dex which struggled to convert old g2 databases. It also now fully implements the shotgun syndrome, whereby adding parents to both husband and wife would destroy their married link. There are also numerous enhancements over v3.25 or earlier, including the ability to use FileInfo II and QMenu, as well as fixing a few minor bugs.

Some of our software has also been re-compiled to overcome compatibility issues with the latest version of the Turbo Toolkit - please ensure you have the latest version if you are encountering problems.

Q-Route v2.00 has now been released - this uses the full potential of the Q40/QPC and QXL's enhanced display drivers to draw the maps in more colours and even quicker than normal. Various improvements have been made to the Q-Route maps - make certain that you have the latest versions. We have now released a series of smaller maps cut out from Big Britain Map and with more local detail. The version numbers of the maps appears in the .INF file for the map. See our price list for full details of prices.  The latest Britain Map is now available for download - see our Price List. The Catalonia and Belgium maps have also been vastly improved.

QL Flightdeck is now v1.05 - this allows for longer delays to be set, which is required for the Q40 and fast QPC systems.

Image D has now been added to our stable of programs - this allows you to create 3D perspective views of objects in wireframe, hidden line and shaded views.

Q-Help v1.06 has now been released. This version includes the latest updates to the Reference Manual for the extended colour drivers. Q-Index v1.05 has now been released as a separate program. Q-Index allows you to enter a search topic and to find the keywords which are relevent to that topic, for example, search for help on Compiling Programs and find out that you can use CHARGE, DATA_AREA and TURBO_objfil (amongst others).

SToQL v1.30 has now been released which enables the program to work correctly under all screen resolutions.